Health & Safety

Here are the safety measures we take to protect your child:

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Here are the safety measures we take to protect your child:

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Here's How We Keep Your Child Safe

Here's How We Keep
Your Child Safe

Daily Health Checks

All children and staff are assessed each morning to determine that they are free from symptoms of contagious illnesses, and that they are well enough to be on-site. Temperature readings are a part of the daily health check for students and staff upon entry. Any person with a temperature reading of 100.4ºF or higher is not permitted to enter the building.

Front Door Drop-off

Families are not permitted to enter the building during child drop off and pick up. A management team member meets families at our front door to conduct a health check for each child and brings them to their classroom.

Hand Washing

All children and staff entering the building must wash their hands after their daily health check is conducted. Throughout the day, all children frequently wash their hands (especially upon entering and leaving the classroom, before and after meals, and outdoor play).

Limited Group Sizes

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Children and Family Services Emergency License requirements we have limited our classroom groups to ten or fewer children at this time. We only accept 50 children at each of our schools.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

As a licensed child care program, we are always required to have a system in place to keep our program and facility clean. In these times, we have gone above and beyond with our practices. All classrooms complete a daily cleaning checklist and follow all regulation cleaning and sanitation procedures. All common areas are disinfected daily.