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Little Learner Children’s Academy is opening a new child care location in Plainfield, IL in 2018. Little Learner Children’s Academy was founded in 2009 as a home daycare. The founders, Melissa and Zarvan, have over 18 years of child care experience and have their own children as well. After realizing the faults of other child care and learning centers, Melissa and Zarvan set out to create the ideal child care and learning academy that provides a safe, affordable, nurturing & loving environment.

With these values at the core of the business, the mission at Little Learner Children’s Academy has continued to instill love and respect within the children, while providing a productive and healthy environment. Little Learner Children’s Academy provides peace of mind to parents by providing a safe setting that educates and prepares their children for the future.

As firm believers that children learn by practice, activities and programs are planned with your child’s development in mind. All child care programs are structured to provide the children with experience working in both large and small groups as well as individually to encourage the development of cognitive, physical, social and spiritual skills.

The pre-school program curriculum is based upon the Montessori teaching and learning centers in order to encourage growth in all areas of children’s development. The Jolly Phonics teaching method is also incorporated into the programs. This is a theme-based curriculum that usually includes a defined set of activities and projects that relate to larger concepts. These methods help the children develop by using different learning methods and engaging in multiple learning styles.

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Academy Programs in Yorkville

Programs at Little Learner Children’s Academy vary by location. To find out which programs are available at our locations, give us a call for a specific list per location. You can also fill out the contact form on this page and we will reply shortly.

Our programs in general consist of the following:

Our pre-school program adopts a curriculum that’s based on Montessori teaching to encourage growth and development in all areas of a child’s life by incorporating lessons with their environment. We also have a theme-based program call Jolly Phonics that has a defined list of activities and projects that encompass larger concepts. This program engages children in a variety of learning methods and different learning styles.

Love, Respect, and Responsibility

Your child receives the love they need to grow and learns respect and responsibility.  This productive environment encourages learning intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.