Parent Reviews


Stephanie Offermann

We love Little Learner in Naperville! All of the teachers are so great and really love to see the kids everyday. I love that when I drop my son off, they are so excited to see him, and he smiles whenever he sees them. It’s so comforting to drop your child off with a smile on their face. Special shot out to Ms Jessica and Miss Bre who have worked so hard since this location opened to make it such a wonderful and welcoming place for the kids and parents!

Cynthia Kelly

My granddaughters go to Little Learners and they love it so much that they get so excited every morning to go to school. Thank you for taking such good care of my girls!

Graham Stegall

After going through a terrible 10 months at our child's first daycare where he was never happy and getting bitten every day, Little Learners has been such a breathe of fresh air! All the teachers really care, are always more connected and appear happy and well supported by the company, and it rubs off onto the kids! Our child is now excited to go to daycare and doesn't cry getting dropped off 9 times out of 10, and sometimes won't even run right to us when we pick him up since he's having so much fun! I highly recommend Little Learners!

Val Loehman

Both of my children have attended Little Learners since 2019 (ages 3 -and 1 1/2). It’s been a blessing to watch them learn so much and grow with children in their class. I am looking forward for my children to continue their early education with Little Learner Children’s Academy!

Dallas Perry

My daughter attends this daycare and she loves it! BY FAR THE BEST DAYCARE I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS! Miss Tiffany, Miss Shirley & of course Miss Ebony have made sending my daughter to day care so much easier on me. I trust them 100% and recommend this facility to anyone looking for a great daycare provider 😊 …

Cody Dieball

Mrs. Tiffany and Ms.Shierly are the amazing teachers they work so hard to keep the kids happy and learning!!

Krystal Messamore

Miss Tiffany, Miss Ebony and Miss Shirley are just amazing people! Thank you for being so wonderful to our little Maisley! We feel so comfortable knowing she’s in great hands! Thank you for all that you do for our youth! We truly appreciate you.

Cute Pandas

I'm so happy we found these place! I was very nervous and scare at first to leave my 19 month old daughter but now I'm so happy to see how she loves coming to her classroom with Ms.TIffany and she gets so excited that she forgets to say goodbye. She loves Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Shirley. Thank you soo much for your dedication.

Jaileen Garcia

I can say I truly trust my child in their hands. Each and every one of the staff members are extremely sweet, supportive, and friendly. My child is excited to go every day. Best school and best team!!

Vanyce Krystal

I love this place! My 2 year old has only been there 3 weeks and has already made amazing changes! She comes home singing songs, pointing out colors and dancing every day! She gets super excited everytime I ask if she’s ready to go to school, and when I go to pick her up there’s always a huge smile on her face.

The teachers and are all very warming and respectable. They handle the kids very well. Mrs. Ebony is very trusting and makes you feel comfortable and at home. Everything about this place is wonderful.

Lisa Bowen

My son has been going to LLCA for 2 years and he absolutely loves it. A very engaging environment where he is learning very important social and academic skills. The staff is wonderful and show that they care on a daily basis. When I drop off my son, I know that he will be safe and nurtured. It a relief to not have to worry about his well being when he is in the care of LLCA!

Andrew Dunning

I currently have a 3 year old and a 16 month old who are enrolled with LLA Yorkville. Our family has been there for about two years, after a poor experience with an in home daycare. When looking for options in the area, we were drawn in by their nice facility, excellent staff, and loving atmosphere. Since enrolling, we truly haven’t looked back, and would recommend it to anyone in the area!

Bailey White

My daughter has been going too LLCA for a few months now, and she loves it! She’s learning so much already, it’s helping her get ready for kindergarten. The staff is amazing and show they care! I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a good child care facility.

Brian Carrabotta

Great communication between staff and parents, clean facility, app makes it easy to follow along with child's day

Eftihia Rashid

There’s no better feeling as a parent than when you drop off your kids to daycare and they reach out to their teachers with open arms and smiles! So thankful we found little learners for our kiddos, since moving to the area. They have learned and developed so much and it feels like our second home!

Samantha M

I have had continuous positive experiences with Little Learner Children’s Academy. The staff and directors are very helpful and supportive! This is a great school to send your children to!

Blake Bell jr

Little learners is an amazing daycare/ preschool for all children. My child has learned alot in pre- kindergarten and will be more than ready for kindergarten in the fall. The management team is wonderful and very sincere with there families.

Greg Patton

Ms. Nikki is awesome. My kid absolutely loves her and all the staff.

Franklin Crissip

It's a wonderful place for your children!! The teachers are very friendly. They are very evolved in what the children are learning. The teachers are also just all around a good group of people!!

Amanda Brauweiler

We are so grateful for Little Learners Yorkville! We love being able to send our child to a center that she loves, where the staff truly cares, and where we know she’s safe and cared for. We’ve now experienced the infant, toddler and twos rooms and have nothing but positive experiences with each of the teachers.

Jess Kaltenecker

Little Learner children's Academy is a great place to bring your child! They offer a safe, caring, nurturing, clean environment to learn in! The staff is amazing and super helpful! The retention is amazing.. Summer camp is full of super fun activities and learning experiences.

Michele Bell

Little Learner Children’s Academy has a great work environment. It is very family oriented and we all work great together. The families are nothing short of amazing!

Erin Lucas

This is an awesome day care center! My two children have already made advancements after only attending a few weeks. We are so grateful for the director and teachers who are so kind and compassionate. They make learning fun! We can’t say enough good things.

Ryan Domingue

I have been with them since the beginning. I have two kids enrolled right now. Little Learners goes out of the way for the parents and kids.

Nicole Lindroth

LLCA is an extension of family. During the COVID pandemic they even called to check in students who weren’t attending. We couldn’t be happier with the quality curriculum, love of the staff, and how much our daughter loves being at school.

ryanne cain

My children have been going here for 2 years. They love the daily activities and teachers are great! I as a parent love the pictures and daily updates that are sent throughout the day. Being an essential worker right now with the pandemic i am so grateful for little learners staff including Mrs. Deann, Mrs Kaci, and Mrs. Mauri. They have gone above and beyond to ensure a curriculum that is fun and entertaining for the children. All e learning during this time has been arranged by them so that the children are able to log on and participate with their classmates while at little learners. This is a huge help to my family and am so grateful for all there hard work!!

Ashley Carlos

After looking around for a daycare for quite sometime in the local areas I’m so glad we decided to go with Llca!! They were very welcoming, caring and patient as this was new for us. We feel so comfortable with their care. Karen, Casi and Deanne have been nothing but awesome to us from the start!! 5 stars plus!

Jas Stiles

This is our first year at Little Learner Children’s Academy Crest Hill, enrolling our son at 3 months old, and we are extremely happy with our decision. LLCA has always made us feel welcome and the staff always has a smile on their faces.

Ms. Nyah has helped our now 6 month old exceed his milestones and he is happy and comfortable when he enters her classroom and sees her.

We are continually impressed with her lesson plans for the infants, often getting updates, and keeping them on track for their ages, developmentally.

We whole-heartedly recommend Little Learner Children’s Academy for children’s early education.

Renee Rotella

This school has been so helpful to our daughters learning & social skills. Staff is amazing. & always helpful

Tatiana Diacoglo

Little Learner Children's Academy is an amazing place! My kids love it! They started going there on July 2020 and they really enjoy being there! And it says a lot about how good they feel going to Little Learner's !

Teachers are great, they are professionals, providing a safe environment for kids to grow and learn something new everyday! Recommend this place from my own personal good experience. Give it a try if you are looking for a good daycare for your little one!

Lauren Scanlan

The directors and team at Crest Hill are AMAZING! With all the kids that come in and out, they know them all by name and the parents! Due to covid, we have to drop at the door, but she never even has to ask me who I am there to pick up. She knows and cares about my son!

My son and I were in a building fire the summer before he started preschool. Everyone evacuated safely, but it left my son very anxious about fire detectors, alarms and extremely nervous in those situations. Leslie (One of the directors) and his teachers take extra care to keep an eye on him each month they have fire drills. She sends out a notice to all families about the drill and then PERSONALLY emails me about how my son reacted to the drill!

With the support and compassion of his teacher, he seems to be letting go of that anxiety and fear during fire drills. I know that is due to their continuous reassurance and support. I can't thank them enough for not only teaching my son, but giving him a safe and loving environment when I am working. It gives me piece of mind to leave them in their care and he always has the biggest smile on his face when I pick him up! He shares about all the fun things he did each day our entire ride home. I definitely recommend LLCA- Crest Hill.

Samantha Sperli

Little Learners Academy in Crest Hill is the best place for my son. It's slightly more expensive than the in-home daycare my son attended before joining LLC, but it's worth it for the education he receives in their preschool program, their early drop-off hours, and their being open for most holidays. They do an excellent job of informing me of his daily activities (meals and how much was eaten, nap duration, bathroom visits, learning activities, daily photo). The teachers and front desk staff are so helpful and caring. He has so much fun with his friends and is excited to go "to school" every morning. I highly recommend Little Learners Academy.

Dan Magner

The staff at Little Learners are so friendly! The summer program they do for the kids each year is fantastic! My 2 year old is excited to go to daycare everyday because of all the awesome activities they have planned for each day. And with the daily reports on the phone/email, we get to see a picture each day of all the fun he has!

Ciara Gant

My 4 year old is a preschooler at the Crest Hill location and she absolutely loves it there! She was writing her name on her own after her first week! I know for a fact by the time she starts kindergarten she'll be more than ready! Thank you to all the AMAZING staff for taking great care of my baby girl.

Allison Alwahedy

Every staff member at this school truly cares for each and every student. They all work together to ensure each student not only learns but succeeds.

Latasha Martinez

Our daughter goes to the Crest Hill location and at 3 yrs old our daughter is learning so much, she recognizes letters and numbers. Great staff and our daughter loves her teachers.

Alyssa Hemza

My son absolutely loves attending pre-k here! The teachers create such a fun hands-on, educational environment that he loves! He is always excited to show me his beautiful crafts and tell me all about his day. The teachers upload memorable moments, friendly reminders, monthly and weekly themes, etc. his meals and nap duration after he leaves. This I absolutely love! I always try to encorpoate what he is learning at school, at home. It is a relief knowing my son is in great hands here! 😊

Elizabeth Mason

Little Learners is a wonderful daycare/school. My son has been going here for the past 4 years and loves it. My daughter also goes here and has the most amazing teachers. The staff is absolutely wonderful! They are reliable and friendly. My kids have learned so much for LLCA. Would highly recommend! ❤️

Jeanette Danekas

I am so glad that we made the switch to Little Learner Children's Academy a little over a year ago. I know that my child is in good hands there. The staff is professional and caring. If I ever have a question or concern, I am always able to get a quick response. We love it there and only wish we had taken our daughter there sooner!

Michelle Cavaligos

My daughter loved the preschool class here especially her teacher Ms. Beth.

I would pick her up after class and she would ask when she got to go back. I’m looking forward to when she can return fo her class and friends. She has learned so much.

Belinda Wells

I love little learners in Channahon and so does my daughter! My daughters been going since she was 6 weeks old. Now 19 months and has no problem being dropped off. All the teachers are so caring and make all mommy worries disappear. I wouldn’t choose another daycare!

Jen R

We love Little Learners. The teachers genuinely care about the children. My children love going there each day and have so much fun. I would highly recommend.

Nyalka Fam

Our daughter has been to 3 different Preschools over the last year and a half. The third time was truly the charm! She loves going to school every day and when she comes home and we ask her how school was, every time her response is "Great"! She has come a long way in the 3 months she has been there (we were worried whether she would be ready for Kindergarten) and now has gained a great passion for school. Ms. Katie, Ms. Jen and Ms. Theresa are all phenomenal with the kids. They all care about each and every one of their students. They are on top of everything the students need to know to be ready for Kindergarten and are fully prepared to give the students the tools they need to have a successful Kindergarten year. Anyone looking for a preschool that will prepare your child for Kindergarten, this is the place for you!

Theresa Kanter

Working at Little Learner Children's Academy is an experience where I will ever stop learning myself. This center is so dedicated to the students. Their curriculum and lesson plans help the students thrive. Along with receiving extra help where needed. The staff provides the best quality care in the area. They are the best in the area and I am glad I have the opportunity to work for them. The parents, children, staff and owners are great.

Kristen Noble

We love little learners and it has totally transformed our 2 year old. We decided to go with little learners because they really addressed our sons needs individually and made my husband and I really feel comfortable with leaving him in their care. We love sending our son there because we constantly see progress and how happy our son is with their program. Our son is more social, talkative, and has grown so much in the last few months, it is truly amazing.

Juana Rodriguez

I can go on, and on about how amazing this school/daycare is, the teachers are caring, loving, compassionate and fun, my son has been attending this school for several months now and have seen such improvement in him, they always have something fun and educative going on for the kids, the facility is always clean and smelling nice! Love this place!

Jennifer Picco

Little Learner's is a great place to send your student to learn and experience new friends. The staff is wonderful and is there for your student. The facilities are very clean and the children there are great as well. The curriculum is set to help the children succeed in preschool as well as get them prepared for kindergarten. Using new sight words every week/ month, starting Spanish colors and numbers, and even starting sign language. This center is one of the best around!

Terra Gibbons

As a mom entering the work force full time again after being a stay at home mom for 3 years I was worried about being away from my girls and how they would adjust to the new environment. My children had never been left with anyone before unless it was family.

Let me just say Jessica the director made the process beyond easy. Always easy to reach either in person, over the phone or by email.
The facility is absolutely wonderful. My children right away fell in love with their teacher and love giving hugs hi and bye. My two year screams of excitement as we pull into the parking lot because she’s so excited to be going to LLCA. I would say the facility is always clean, sanitary, safe, and family oriented. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into this facility after touring MANY places around Naperville I’m so beyond happy we chose little learners for our daughters.

Darko Markovski

My son is here almost a year now and he loves it. The classroom is always clean and the teacher’s are great with him. He has made great progress with his talking.

Tay Rae

So I have been to a handful of daycares over the past year and for the first time I feel good about dropping him off. Since he's started just in 2months his behavior has become nicer, he knows many words, he trys to talk more, it's apparent he's actually being educated not just a free for all. I love that they give me daily updates, I appreciate all the teachers and the teacher helpers, it's consistent so my son doesn't cry when I drop him off. I think it's awesome that the helpers are mothers too! You know how a mothers love is for their child so it's comforting knowing who's watching over your kid. The space is so clean, it feels safe. The staff is so friendly and easy to work with. I feel that this place deserves 6 stars actually, you know that feeling like you gave your kid the absolute best opportunity? That's how I feel when I think about him being enrolled at little learners. He's 2 he's callls it baby school! Which it truly is more like a school and I'm so grateful for that , it's setting him up for the best future. It's worth the money it's worth the tour it's worth it. I never felt so confident about something in my life, this place is a no brainer, if your worries about who's going to care for your child you can let that fear slip away with Little Learners and I'm sure alll locations are the same but I'm being specific to the Bolingbrook one! Thank you for reading my review hope it was helpful to some mommas & daddy's out there.

octavia mccann

Ma Tiffany and Ms Shierly are the best teachers! They work so well with the kids! 10/10.

Chris Mayra Letto

Mrs. Karen is amazing 🤩. My son is happy to see her every morning …

rosetta collins

This place is amazing. The level of detail and time put into the children is unmatched.

Markel Robinson

Director Eboni and teacher Ms. Tiffany are amazing. The time spent with my child and her advancement is wonderful. I love the continuous updates throughout the day.

Valante Maria

My granddaughter is a student here. The staff is friendly and nurturing. She is learning so much.

Dana Estes

We have been at Little Learners Children Academy - Yorkville now for a little over 2 years. My son loves all the teachers at LLCA. Each teacher you can see truly enjoy working with children and love each and every one of them. I have become close with several of the teachers and know my child is in good hands. I highly recommend LLCA - Yorkville.

Becky Benson

Great center with amazing staff who are dedicated to helping the children learn and grow each and every day.

Rachel Hettinger

Choosing a place to send your child can be a hard and scary decision for any parent. Our daughter has been at LLCA Yorkville for over a year and a half now and we have nothing but positive experiences. She has grown and thrived beautifully and has learned so much. Thank you to the wonderful teachers and staff!

Bailey Carrabotta

Both our daughter (2yrs) and son (4mos) attend Little Learners in Yorkville and love it! Everyday, my 2yr old comes home saying a new word, singing a new song, or showing off a new dance move. I love that they keep the kids engaged and active throughout the day, and that they get to do all the crafts that I don’t want to do at home bc of the mess! Little Learners gives me the peace of mind that my kids are happy and safe in their hands.

Mary King

Our family loves Little Learners!! The administration and teachers are amazing.

Rachel Kasznia

My little person loves it here! He's well taken care of and is learning so much! He raves about his teachers (Mrs.Katie and Mrs.Kallie) all the time! The way he is absorbing sign language is amazing, I am so happy with his growth here!


Little Learner Children’s Academy has been such a huge blessing to our family. Everything about the center, it’s cleanliness, the STEAM curriculum, the teachers, the staff, the classroom activities and learning, and the daily activity report is top quality. I appreciate how teachers worked individually with our daughter to provide her the learning and attention she needed to grow and develop. She has learned so much (music and movement, motor skills, counting, ABCs, and Spanish) since first attending. Her vocabulary, knowledge of the world around her, her etiquette, and socialization skills have all flourished. The staff work extremely hard to offer a safe and holistic learning community. They even go the extra mile to celebrate special events, acknowledge student and staff birthdays, and incorporate a fun community feel for parents and families. The teachers truly care and it shows. We are so pleased with how much our daughter thrives here.

Jodie Frieders

Katie is the best. You couldn't ask for anyone better to watch your little one.

Emily Brodzik

Little Learners has been so warm and welcoming to our little one. I feel so comfortable taking her there due to the updates throughout the day. The teachers are very friendly and I feel, though we are newer to the center, like we are part of a family.

Brycelyn Kazubowski

We love Little Learners (especially Ms Karie & Ms Nikki)! My son is always well cared for and I feel at ease dropping him off every day. I love the daily progress reports and pictures. Im so happy we found this daycare!


Staff is so friendly! Our kids can’t wait to get there every day to see their teachers and friends. They also have a wonderful curriculum as well for all ages!

Teresa Vemmer

We love how much our daughter has grown academically since coming to LLCA! We look forward to having our son attend soon!

yesenia montalvo

My kids love going to little learners! The teachers are great with communicating and following up with any concern even the silly ones! They are always willing to help and listen.

Ashley Bernhardt

My son loves going to school every morning to see Ms. Rachel! She is so patient and he learns so much from her!

Lucia Alvarado

The teachers, director, and staff are very attentive and answer any and all.questions you may have. Such a great and safe enviroment for child. My son loves it here ❤

Tom Washak

The staff at little learners in yorkville has been great. Their preschool program has taught my little guy so much. He has some new information he is so excited to tell me about everyday. Also during these crazy times we are experiencing they have taken the E learning and ran with it. So thank you to Deanne, Mari, Casi, and the rest of the amazing staff at little learners.

Renee S

Such a caring staff and a beautiful center since all the renovations. My child has been here for almost 2 years, and loves it.

Allison Alwahedy

Every staff member at this school truly cares for each and every student. They go above and beyond to make sure every child learns and succeeds!

Darla Marshall

My daughter has gone here since she was 12 weeks old and she's almost 3... she has great relationships with her teachers and friends and I am happy dropping her off every day knowing it's like a second home to her. I can tell she learns a lot and has a lot of fun there.

Jamaica Carver-Mann

My school-age children go there for before care. I have to say as being a family that trying to adjust with everything going on in the world today. They really work with you and have compassion for you and your family. Miss Leslie and Theresa are outstanding.

Cole Campagna

Great learning environment and my son loves his teachers and friends.

Brett Mallo

Being a parent one of the hardest things to do is entrust another person with your child. I have no doubt the directors (Leslie and Robby) and the teachers are taking great care of my princess. She comes home so excited talking about her friends and how much she loves her teachers. She has learned soo much and is becoming the smartest little girl. I love getting her daily reports and seeing the pictures. I would absolutely recommend llca of crest hill!

Sapphire Cookies

They were very accommodating with a new authorized pick and very pleasant to bring my child there. He has fun everyday and learns from the caretakers and other kids.

Marissa Cerny

What can I say about LLCA!? This facility it truly amazing! All the staff have been such a beautiful blessing in our lives.

When looking for a daycare/preschool for our daughter it came down to a place that feels like home. Which is exactly what every teacher and staff member makes you feel here. They truly care about our daughter and want to see her grow it all aspects of life. Our daughter has grown so much socially, emotionally and academically since starting in August 2021. She loves her teachers and enjoys going to school. They greet each child everyday with smiles and hugs! Which we love! The curriculum is also really wonderful and she has learned so much in the past 9 months, as an educator myself this was truly a key point in selecting a facility that sets the bar high academically. LLCA does just that!

We highly recommend sending your child(ren) to Little Learners!!!

Jonathan Eads

Star has been so nice since we started here. I feel safe and comfortable sending my child here, and that is what is most important.

Kenith Kornfeind

Great facilities! Excellent staff! My daughter looks forward to school each day and always asks when she gets to come back.

Megan Zahos

My son has been attending Little Learners for a little over a year. He has had wonderful, caring teachers and is developing great. He’s excited to start the day at drop off and brings home lots of fun art projects. He is learning new words as well as sign language. We receive daily updates with pictures of all the fun things he does each day. I definitely recommend!

Redd Velvet

My God daughter Trinity loves it here! The establishment is always clean, with friendly staff, and an up to date learning environment that I am comfortable with. This school is a good fit for her and anyone in the area and I highly recommend!

Ana Leija

My daughter attends the Preschool room. Her teachers are amazing! They go the extra mile to make sure my daughter has a great day. I am beyond pleased with the growth she has overcome in the past + years. I leave at ease knowing she is being taking well care of.

I’m in administrative at LLCA, and I have never ever worked for a GREAT well managed family own company. Thankful to be here.

Barbara Bernier

The new director is very caring and understanding. I know my grandkids are safe in her care.

katrina mccue

The staff here really seems invested in my daughter. They care about her and her progress. She has learned so much and adores both her teachers. They have many other staff there that are all friendly and welcoming. I feel safe and happy dropping off my daughter there because she loves to go and they welcome her with open arms.

Lauren Wetzel

We love Little Learner’s! Our kids come home talking about their teachers and everything they have learned. Highly recommend!

The Great Won

Little Learners Children’s Academy is first class. They provide a great atmosphere with a great staff. They are attentive to each family’s needs. My son has been with them for 2 years and I couldn’t be happier with the early education and structure they provide. They provide him all the tools necessary to transition into kindergarten. I would like to personally thank Lori for her outstanding dedication.

Rebecca Hoving

My daughter has been going to LLCA since she was 7 months old and her teachers are like a second family to us now! She LOVES going there and I love seeing how much she's learning and how much fun she's having. They are so nice and so encouraging to the kids. The teachers and directors are open and transparent and willing to answer every question you have. They do a great job giving you peace of mind knowing your child is in a fun, nurturing learning and play environment every day when you drop them off. I HIGHLY recommend LLCA for childcare and preschool.

Ana Leija

Amazing Directors and Teachers
They go above and beyond to help families in every aspect possible.!

Allison Alwahedy

The teachers at this school are amazing! They truly work together to make sure every child learns and has a great time.

Jake Mueller

Our kiddo has been going here for about a year, started at 4 months old. The teachers here are very in tune to the kids and often knew of any issues (fever/rash/teeth) before we did. Great attention to detail and always greet us with enthusiasm and a smile. Our kid has a lot of fun with the everyone and brings home some pretty cute crafts. So glad that these teachers have been part of our child's upbringing.

Alyssa Israelson

This by far has been my favorite job ever! The directors at both centers are amazing and truly care about the children's educational progress and that they are having fun, not just being watched. I love all my coworkers here, they all show excitement each day for the activities we have planned. The owners truly care about the employees and parents happiness and go above and beyond to accommodate. Since working here I have seen many of these children transform and grow before my eyes and it is truly an amazing thing to watch them grow into their own little person!

Ms. Dodge

My one year old daughter attends the bluegrass location and I'm very impressed. She is always clean and happy when I pick up. I see her getting spoiled by the teachers. They work with her on walking and really focus on giving her quality education. I know my daughter is safe, clean, happy, loved and on the road to a positive future. I live little learners and would never work at a place that I wouldn't trust my child to attend.

Cheryl Pavelka

Our daughter absolutely loves it here! We have seen tremendous growth and academic progress. She is excited to come to Little Learners every morning, and actually gets sad on Saturday mornings when she can't go! We love all of the crafts she does, the songs that she comes home singing, and we love hearing about all of her little friends that she plays with throughout the day! It's so reassuring to know that she is in such good hands, and having a wonderful time while we are at work.

Melissa Preisler

A wonderful facility for children of all ages. The director and the teachers are excellent caregivers and teachers. The facility is a healthy and safe environment where the children can learn, use their imaginations, explore and discover new skills. Highly recommend checking them out!


Little Learner's is a great place to send your children. The facilities are clean and the staff are amazing. The curriculum includes getting you child ready for kindergarten which includes intro to Spanish and reading along with sight words. You can't ask for a better preschool and daycare. Little Learner's also accepts children who aren't potty trained and will help you get you child ready to be potty trained and will work with you.