We Will Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten Success


We Will Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten Success

Self-Assurance and Better Self-Understanding

We help your child learn incredible new cognitive and social skills, along with a better understanding of themselves, as keys to their future success. These are some of the most crucial developmental years in your child’s life.

Play-Based Letter and Word Recognition Every Morning

Every letter has a sound, and this is how children learn to sound out words. We sound out letters and words all morning long with fun activities that are building your child’s vocabulary.

Establishing An Enthusiasm For Reading

Reading is the foundation of all learning. Your child explores many subjects of interests through different types of reading materials such as stories, poems, descriptive and educational books, that they love to read, review and to leaf through.

Preparing For Kindergarten Every Day

Your child prepares for kindergarten with daily worksheets. These build their attention span for sitting for a more extended time. Examples of these educational worksheets are:
  • Tracing letters and eventually writing letters alone
  • Viewing and sounding our sight words
  • Reviewing shapes and colors
  • Simple math papers. 

Science and Math Exploration and Play

Science and Math are all about the hands-on. We do many science projects like moldy bread, plants growing in baggies, and lighting a light bulb using a potato, just to name a few.

Themed Long-Term Projects Like Gardens and Butterflies

Your child will love these group activities, such as planting flowers and watching caterpillars turn to butterflies. Each week is a weather-related theme, as your child loves to explore outdoors!

Learning to Love You More with the "Star Of The Week"

During circle time, the “star of the week” shines like a real star while showing a poster of their creation. Every child gets a chance to put together a sign, full of pictures, stickers, and decoration, describing their beloved family members, pets, favorite vacations, etc. with photos, stickers, and embellishments.

Getting to Know Our Families With "The Family Tree"

We encourage our little learners to bring a family picture to proudly display on our Family Tree Board. Children get to know each other and love to see their loving family’s faces every day.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle With Classroom "Wish Lists"

Put your household trash to good use! Donate household items like books, glass bottles, or toilet paper rolls, crafts. These items will be used for projects throughout the year. Other examples of things for reuse in classroom projects are:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Sequins
  • Sewing items
  • Old clothing for dress-up
  • Paper, etc. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Items Needed for Our Classroom:

  1. A change of clothes (must be labeled)
  2. Blanket and a small pillow
  3. Your family picture
  4. Please have your child come dressed in appropriate outdoor shoes.
  5. Sunscreen, labeled

PARENT reviews

"The classrooms are great, I am very happy"
My Daughter loves to go to school! She comes home with all the new songs, letters, etc. and tells me all about them. She’s made many new friends. The teachers are great with her, the classrooms are great, I am very happy we picked Little Learners for her PK3!
Tanya E.
"It’s comforting to know that my kids are in good hands "
They treat my kids as if they were their own. As a parent, I’m very hesitant about who I choose to care for my children. The staff there are WONDERFUL! It’s comforting to know that my kids are in good hands after I drop them off each day!
Chelsea A.
"I have only good things to say"
My 2 year old daughter attends the Crest Hill location. The facility is clean, safe and well staffed; my daughter surprises us with songs about the days of the week and months of the year, colors and numbers. They also have an indoor play area which I think is good for the kids. I have only good things to say about this day care!
Angie M.

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