PRESCHOOL (2-5 Years)

Social Emotional Skills Developed Now Create a Positive, Life-Long Impact

PRESCHOOL (2-5 Years)

Social Emotional Skills Developed Now Create a Positive, Life-Long Impact

We’ll Help Your Child Further Develop Their Independence and Boost Their Confidence

Transition time before moving on to each activity, follow structured, confidence-boosting activities. This routine nurtures your little learner’s newfound sense of self. Your child feels comfortable knowing what to expect next.

Examples of confidence-boosting activities include:

  • Picking up their dishes after a family-style lunch
  • Taking turns handing out plates and handing out cups
  • Changing shoes from indoor shoes to outdoor shoes

More Self-Help Skills to Practice Every Day

A big part of being two years old is becoming more self-sufficient. Your little learner will be eager to be doing things on his or her own! Here are a few things we will be encouraging your child to do by themselves every day: 

  • Pulling up and down their pants
  • Drinking from a cup without a lid
  • Putting on/off their coat
  • Washing their hands
  • Putting on/taking off their shoes
  • Using their words
  • Using fork/spoon

It's Time: All Kids Go Potty! We’ll Teach Them How

It’s a good time for your child to learn to use the potty. we work closely with you and encourage your child with toilet training at school too. Note to parents: there is no diaper changing station in the 2 year-old room.

Creative Projects That Are Fun and Expressive

When children are expressing themselves through art, they tend to be messy! We give your child free reign to fully self-express and clean up the mess afterward. Through coloring, painting, and creating arts and crafts, your child is exploring and having fun.

An Exploratory Start to Your Child's Education

We will work with ABC’s, 123’s, shapes, and colors. We will encourage the children to learn to identify as much as possible. Many daily activities will go on in the classroom, and include:

  • Being read to
  • Learning new songs
  • Learning from flashcards
  • Simple sign language 
  • Simple Spanish
  • Practicing safely with scissors
  • Exploring with sensory activities such as water, textures, shaving cream, goop, etc.

Your Child's Curriculum Portfolio Tailored to Their Age and Abilities

Curriculum Portfolios are specifically designed to age and have many different activities that measure your child’s skill level. This way, teachers keep track of your child’s progress throughout the year, measure their developing skills, and can better guide and assist in their learning process. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences Twice a Year

Although ready to discuss any concerns at any time, parent-teacher conferences take place twice a year. In the spring and fall, you can expect an in-depth discussion on your child’s progress; you can see how far they have come and where they are going.

A Loving Feel with Family Photos in the Classroom

We hang your family photo on our “Family Tree” in the classroom. This sweet touch is a comforting element for your child, who will love seeing the faces of those they love in this thoughtful, warm-hearted atmosphere.

Each Child Individually Shines as "Star of the Week"

The “star of the week” shines like a real star while showing a poster of their creation. Every child gets a chance to put together a sign, full of pictures, stickers, and decoration, describing their beloved family members, pets, favorite vacations, etc. with photos, stickers, and embellishments.

Helping You Eliminate the Pacifier

We understand that every child is different. If your child is still taking a pacifier, we will help you break the habit. We keep you posted of the progress, and hopefully, together we can help eliminate this habit.

Adorable Daily Take-Home Artwork and Projects

Cherish the keepsakes created in the classroom with take-home paintings, colorings, collages, and more. For your ease and convenience, your child has a folder in class with all their completed daily projects.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Classroom "Wish Lists"

Put your household trash to good use! Donate household items like books, glass bottles, or toilet paper rolls, crafts. These items will be used for projects throughout the year. Other examples of things for reuse in classroom projects are:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Sequins
  • Sewing items
  • Old clothing for dress-up
  • Paper, etc.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Items needed for our classroom:

  1. Blanket for nap time, labeled
  2. Extra clothes, a complete set, labeled
  3. Diapers & wipes if not potty trained
  4. Rash cream, labeled
  5. Family photo
  6. Liners and underwear if potty training

*We accept children who are not potty trained*

PARENT reviews

"I know my daughter is safe"
She is always clean and happy when I pick up. I see her getting spoiled by the teachers. They work with her on walking and really focus on giving her quality education. I know my daughter is safe, clean, happy, loved and on the road to a positive future. I love little learners and would never work at a place that I wouldn't trust my child to attend.
Ms. Dodge
"The facilities are clean, and the staff are amazing. "
Little Learner's is a great place to send your children. The facilities are clean, and the staff are amazing. The curriculum includes getting you child ready for kindergarten which includes intro to Spanish and reading along with sight words. You can't ask for a better preschool and daycare. Little Learner's also accepts children who aren't potty trained and will help you get your child ready to be potty trained and will work with you.
Spudikk P.
"The teachers are amazing, and the kids all seem happy."
My son Brantley is 2 and my daughter paisley is about to be 1 and they go here and they both love it! The teachers are amazing, and the kids all seem happy. My kids come home so happy and my son has learned so much since going there :).
Amber M.

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