PRESCHOOL ( 3-4 Years)

Exciting New Learning Experiences and Skills

PRESCHOOL ( 3-4 Years)

Exciting New Learning Experiences and Skills

Book Concepts and Reasoning Skills

Children need to learn what a title, an author, and an illustrator are when introducing new books to them. As well as introducing book concepts to your child, we will help them develop judgment and reasoning as they explore:

  • What is going on in the story, the plot, and the theme of the book
  • How the story develops and unravels, with key turning points in the story
  • Where the story takes place 
  • Who the main characters are, and any supporting characters
  • Why any events are happening in the book and the natural consequences of the events

An Introduction to Spanish

With Spanish vocabulary index cards, children learn the colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, and songs in Spanish. We take advantage of every little opportunity to teach this second language to your child.

Developing Age-Appropriate Computer Skills

With smartboards in every classroom, children get exposure to technology and how this tool enhances their learning. Through fun and interactive games, your child learns computer skills like controlling the cursor on the screen and clicking and dragging objects. In addition to developing digital skills, computer time helps your child by:

  • Further teaching numbers and letters
  • Promoting active play
  • Learning about animals and other interests
  • Encouraging creativity

A Fun Start to Writing Skills with "The Letter of the Week"

Children take turns working on “the letter of the week.” They trace it, take it home, decorate it, and glue to it anything that begins with that letter. Your child looks forward to “letter of the week” with excitement!

Learning in Circle Time Every Day

Children can’t wait for circle time every morning: a chance to greet and be with their friends. As well as developing social skills, circle time is also an opportunity for them to improve their critical thinking. We help them learn language, listening, and math as they explore:

  • Days of the week, and what day it is
  • Different months and seasons of the year
  • Colors and shapes with a variety of toys and props
  • Letters and sounds, the basics of phonetics, and sounding out words
  • Math concepts as we practice counting, identifying numbers, adding and subtracting
  • Telling the time

Learning to Love You More with the "Star Of The Week"

During circle time, the “star of the week” shines like a real star while showing a poster of their creation. Every child gets a chance to put together a sign, full of pictures, stickers, and decoration, describing their beloved family members, pets, favorite vacations, etc. with photos, stickers, and embellishments. 

Inspiring Curiosity and Community with Weekly Show and Tell:

Every Friday we have show-and-tell. With themes like letters and colors, children take turns bringing an object to show their friends. This weekly discussion will help your child learn: 

  • Listening skills
  • Language skills
  • Reasoning as they ask questions
  • How to take turns 
  • Social skills in conversation like talking and listening to each other
  • Community skills such as tolerance, acceptance, encouragement, and respect

Getting to Know Our Families with "The Family Tree"

We encourage our little learners to bring a family picture to proudly display on our Family Tree Board. Children get to know each other and love to see their loving family’s faces every day.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Classroom "Wish Lists"

Put your household trash to good use! Donate household items like books, glass bottles, or toilet paper rolls, crafts. These items will be used for projects throughout the year. Other examples of things for reuse in classroom projects are:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Sequins
  • Sewing items
  • Old clothing for dress-up
  • Paper, etc. 

Building Vocabulary and Reading Skills

Children identify and pronounce words with our vocabulary index cards every day. Your child will learn ten words and then be able to read simple sentences! Your child further develops reading skills daily by:
  • Sounding out each letter
  • Reading letters as one word
  • Matching games (match the words), helping them identify these words
  •  Recognizing sight words

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Items needed for our classroom:

  1. Blanket for nap time, labeled
  2. extra clothes, a complete set, labeled
  3. Family photo
  4. Liners and underwear if potty training

*We accept children who are not potty trained*

PARENT reviews

"They always have something fun and educative going on for the kids"
I can go on, and on about how amazing this school/daycare is, the teachers are caring, loving, compassionate and fun, my son has been attending this school for several months now and have seen such improvement in him, they always have something fun and educative going on for the kids, the facility is always clean and smelling nice! Love this place!
Juana R.
"The facility is a healthy and safe environment where the children can learn, use their imaginations and discover new skills."
A wonderful facility for children of all ages. The director and the teachers are excellent caregivers and teachers. The facility is a healthy and safe environment where the children can learn, use their imaginations, explore and discover new skills. Highly recommend checking them out!
Melissa P.
"We ask her how school was, every time her response is "Great"!"
Our daughter has been to 3 different Preschools over the last year and a half. The third time was truly the charm! She loves going to school every day and when she comes home and we ask her how school was, every time her response is "Great"! She has come a long way in the 3 months she has been there (we were worried whether she would be ready for Kindergarten) and now has gained a great passion for school.
Nyalka F.

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