Big Steps For Your Toddling Learner


Big Steps For Your Toddling Learner

Begin Your Child's Journey Towards Independence Under Our Watchful Eyes

Your toddler will learn essential self-care skills now.  We encourage and guide them towards some all-important skills as the basis for their independence.

We will gently guide them towards:

  • Drinking by themselves: drinking whole milk (or milk substitute) from a cup
  • Walking by themselves: being an active walker and moving around more freely
  • Eating by themselves: using utensils and being able to feed themselves

Building Their Newfound Confidence

Your child is taking their brave first steps in learning independence.  Encouraging your child and giving them structured activities, ones that they can accomplish themselves, helps them to gain confidence. We practice the following age-appropriate tasks every day in our Toddler classroom:
  • Cleaning up toys
  • Putting our cups in the sink when finished eating
  • Pushing in our chairs
  • Using our words
  • Washing and drying our hands
  • Wiping our face

Perfecting Their New Skills

Practicing their newfound skillset helps toddlers not only learn, but to feel confident and secure as well.  We work on the following skills and abilities every day in our toddler classroom:

  • Being able to understand simple directions (ex: bring me your shoes)
  • Sit down for circle time (for at least 5 minutes)
  • Using please, thank-you and more in sign language and by using our words
  • Sharing with our friends
  • Saying “sorry” when needed
  • Using nice hands
  • Learning to color, paint, and do other art activities
  • Recognize familiar pictures (ex: dog, cat, boat, shoe)
  • Turning pages in a book
  • Pushing, pulling and dumping objects
  • Learning a vocabulary of 8-10 words

A Routine Full of Fun, With Interactive Themed Activities

We encourage your child to learn routine. This helps them learn how to follow directions, know what is coming next, and to make smoother transitions. Our daily schedule is jam-packed with fun activities for your little tot to explore, within the security of their set routine.

Helping You Break the Pacifier Habit

We understand that every child is different. If your child is still taking a pacifier, we will help you break the habit. We will allow it ONLY during naptime. It must be left in the hallway cubbies. We will try not to use it at all.

Supporting You For Potty Training

When your child is showing signs of readiness to start using a potty, we will begin teaching them the skills they need to toilet train. We will help you and your child tackle this important self-help habit, when your child is ready.

Sign Language for Better Communication With Your Toddler

Our toddlers are just learning how to communicate using their words and their bodies. To enhance the communication process, our classroom teachers use simple signs to help facilitate that process. 

Sign language is used with words such as: 

  • Help
  • More
  • Eat
  • Please and thank you
  • Up and down

PARENT reviews

"They take the time to know you and your child"
I absolutely love this facility! The staff is very friendly and they take the time to know you and your child. My son loves his teachers so i know he is in good hands
Lauren Sobczak
"Great staff and our daughter loves her teachers"
Our daughter goes to the Crest Hill location and at 3 yrs old our daughter is learning so much, she recognizes letters and numbers. Great staff and our daughter loves her teachers.
Latasha M
"No two days are the same"
Since making the switch my 3y.o has made so much progress. I feel like he is honestly learning they have a real curriculum and teach the children. No two days are the same and my little guy absolutely loves it
Danielle M.

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