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Increase in staff retention and employee loyalty

Show your employees that you’re committed to maintaining the best work-life balance by giving them the gift of discounted childcare. Studies have shown that employees are less likely to quit a job that provides child care assistance, and that individuals who worked for a more accommodating workplace were more satisfied with their jobs, were sick less often, took fewer sick days, and were more likely to return to work after pregnancy. By joining our Childcare Discount Program you open the door to increased staff retention and overall employee satisfaction.

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We offer drop-in care! Parents can enjoy a full day of care at a flat rate on an as-needed basis! Restrictions apply, contact us for more details.

Advantages of Providing Childcare Discounts

Providing your employees a more accommodating work environment leads to more loyal employees; a study conducted by the NCJW showed that employees are less likely to quit a job that provides child care assistance. More and more workers are looking for more accomodating workplaces, as shown by a study conducted in the Harris Poll in 2019 stating that 67% of parents are looking for employers to offset the cost of childcare, with 55% stating that they’d settle for less pay if it meant being able to work for a company that provided quality childcare. Not only does child care assistance create more loyal employees, it also creates more productive employees; companies that provided child care discounts were found to have 30% fewer absences (Child Care Council, 2014).

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