Clean, Safe, Secure and OH-SO-Loving

Our Expertise Allows You To Relax. Know That Your Baby is Safe, Happy, And Learning.

Clean, Safe, Secure and OH-SO-Loving

Our Expertise Allows You To Relax. Know That Your Baby is Safe, Happy, And Learning.

Affection, Love, and the Utmost Care

One of the most important qualities we can offer your baby is love. We rock a baby that is having a bad day in the rocking chair and we pick up and cuddle a baby that is crying. We pride ourselves in offering utmost love and affection, and the highest level of care for your child.

Attentive Dedication to Your Child’s Needs

We are constantly sitting on the floor talking to and playing with your baby. They get a ton of attention all day long, so we can read their sleep cues and hunger cues, continuously remaining connected and engaging with them.

Exploring Language and The Senses

In addition to all the love and attention your child receives, our classroom focuses on enhancing their development.  We enhance their language and sensory skills and development daily in the following ways:
  • Teaching baby sign language for key words like more, please, all done, thank you, love, help, etc.
  • Speaking to them in Spanish
  • Providing sensory explorations for them, such as filling plastic baggies with different toys for them to manipulate
  • Painting with pudding

Lots of Tummy Time and Exercise

Movement is so important for your little learner at this stage. We guide them through baby exercises on the floor and provide tummy time twice a day. We encourage them to develop their gross motor skills, like pushing up onto their arms, which in turn helps them to crawl.

Art Classes Every Week

Your baby’s art class is just about the sweetest thing imaginable. Picture art projects with colorful handprints and footprints, for example a crab made from their little handprints, which will soon be adorning your fridge door!

Comforting Teacher-Child Interactions

Clear and reassuring teacher-child interactions are very important to us within our culture of excellence. We believe an infant needs a consistent and loving caregiver. We insist on building a solid relationship of trust with you the parent, us as caregiver, and of course, your child.

Looking for “Teachable Moments”

A “teachable moment” is where a teacher can guide your child to learn through play. These opportunities come about naturally, and we know how to incorporate as many as we can into your Little Learner’s day.

Learning to Share and Be Social

Your child is encouraged to play and to interact with other children. Teaching children to share with each other and take turns, for example, are important skills to learn at this early age.

Easing The Transition To Toddlerhood

Depending on your child’s development, anywhere between 13-14 months of age is when we slowly transition their schedule. During this time, when your baby begins to show signs of leaving the infant stage and entering the toddler stage, we introduce a new schedule.

Crib Sheets, Whole Milk and Bibs Provided

We want to take care of as many details as we can for you. This is why we provide juice, snacks, whole milk, bibs and crib sheets for you, at no extra cost. We help to equip our students with the essential building blocks of learning.

Your Child’s Day is Logged For You

Each child’s day is logged with our convenient parent communication app, outlining how your child did for the day upon pick up. Information on your child’s needs, such as supplies, eating, sleeping, diapering, etc. is updated on the app.

Attendance Record As A Security Measure

Parents are asked to sign their child in and out. This attendance record is important in the security process for our classroom, so we can account for all children at drop-off and pick-up.

Extreme Cleanliness Throughout Our Classrooms

All classroom materials; highchairs, counters, fridge, changing table, toys, cribs, infant seats, etc. are consistently sanitized and cleaned throughout the day. From mopping, vacuuming, to washing crib rails, we ensure that we maintain a high level of cleanliness for your infant.

PARENT reviews

"They are always welcoming and understanding of any concerns we as parents have."
Little Learners has been amazing. My one year old has started a month ago and we have seen him really thrive. The hours open are super convenient, and ability for the teachers to connect with our son has been amazing. Our son needs additional therapy and LLA has made accommodations to allow for that to happen during the week. They are always welcoming and understanding of any concerns we as parents have. Thank you!!!!
Jerod D.
"My children love going there each day."
We love Little Learners. The teachers genuinely care about the children. My children love going there each day and have so much fun. I would highly recommend.
Jennifer K.
"Caring adults who help children thrive."
Can't say enough wonderful things about this center! Caring adults who help children thrive. There is no shortage of educational activities and stimulation. A true asset for working parents.
Michelle S.

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